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Slice of Pizza Calories , CALORIES IN A PIZZA ?


Slice of Pizza Calories , Pizza is not a so-called fast food dish, contrary to what one may think, and it is much less fatty than quiche. It all depends on what it is that you put on. Thus, the calorie intake ranges from 800 to 900 calories, but it is hard to know the exact amount. A section accompanied by raw vegetables, however, will not harm anybody !

The Lowest Calorie Pizzas !

It’s important to eat healthy , well-balanced foods while you’re on a diet.
It has been shown that if you want to preserve your figure, you do not need to ban pizza from your diet. Choosing the right ingredients is the solution.
Lowest Calorie Pizzas
Cauliflower pizza crust with tomato and spinach.Slice of Pizza Calories

The basic Ingredients

You’ve got to choose between a tomato or a crème fraîche sauce.
If you want a pizza with lower calories, tomato sauce should be the alternative.
It comprises a mere 50 to 70 kcal. You should, in addition,
prepare it at home. It contains less fat and, however, enhances the taste.
Sour cream, for its part, if it’s light, contains around 100 kcal per 100 g.
It will, otherwise, reach up to 300 kcal.


Food is renowned for its elevated content of fat. But if you choose the right one for your pizza,
it’ll give you the necessary nutrients to make you feel healthy. Use ham that you cook in water
if you want to maintain your figure. 50 kcal is used in it. As for beef or chicken, depending on the
bits, their caloric value is between 150-220 kcal. Furthermore, for diets, fish pizzas (tuna or smoked salmon) are
also recommended, as they only have between 110 and 120 kcal.

The Vegetables

Among the healthiest foods are vegetables. As they do not surpass hundreds
of kilocalories, you have a large range. It is the perfect ingredient
for making a well-balanced, low-calorie pizza.

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