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Calories in Half An Avocado , Avocado Calories

Calories in Half An Avocado


Avocado calories: value per 100 g and nutritional data sheet

Wondering what the advantages of avocado are? OhMyMag shows this fruit’s nutritious qualities.

Calorie count of avocado

The fruit of the avocado tree, a tree native to Mexico, is avocado.
For every 100 g, avocado produces 165 calories. It consists of 15 grams of fat, 9
grams of carbohydrates and 2 grams of protein. The weight of an entire avocado is
about 200 g, equal to 330 calories.
Calories in Half An Avocado
Therefore, this fruit is especially caloric, since it contains lots of lipids.
That doesn’t take away from its many nutritious virtues, though, and that doesn’t mean that it’s going to make you fat.

Avocado nutrition factsheet

It is also rich in vitamins B6, B9 and E and includes magnesium, iron , zinc and phosphorus.
Fiber, which encourages good food digestion, is also made up of avocado.
Furthermore, its unsaturated fatty acids are very healthy for the heart ‘s working.
Thanks to the oleic acid it contains, the intake of this fruit helps to enhance the feeling of fullness.
Contrary to common opinion, as part of slimming diets, it is therefore advised to consume avocados.
It will also have virtues for the eye, since it contains lutein. Furthermore, it has nourishing and hydrating properties. Therefore, its oil is highly recommended for dry and very dry skin care.
In salads or simply accompanied by mayonnaise, avocado is normally eaten raw.
It is also tasty, cooked like guacamole. To do this, add a finely chopped shallot, a squeeze of lemon and a few
pinches of cumin, paprika and salt, then smash it with a fork or a blender.

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This fruit, as well as fresh herbs such as mint and cilantro, goes well with cheeses.
To stop its oxidation, only apply a small squeeze of lemon to the avocado, and thus retain its green color.
There are a variety of forms of avocado. The Fuerte avocado, with its grainy skin, is the most popular.
Other types are more difficult to find, such as the very shiny green skin of the Zutano avocado or the smooth and purple skin of the Fucca. It becomes supple under the fingertips when ripe and the color of its skin is black.
To mature an avocado, just leave it for a few days at room temperature.
You can buy them directly from farmers and select them, ideally organic, to eat better fruits.

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