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Exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home

Flat stomach: the 10 best exercises to lose belly fat

Exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home

Exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home Strengthening the abdominal strap is not enough to decrease belly fat and remove the small belly that some people have. Here are some of the best workouts and hints.

Nothing helps, no matter how many abs, sit-ups, crunch exercises, or company you do: your tiny round belly appears to have set up residence for a long time…

how to lose belly fat

The first misconception to debunk when it comes to eliminating belly fat is that growing muscle in your abdominal strap will not be beneficial unless it is part of a larger approach. Reducing abdominal fat necessitates both overall weight loss (through proper food hygiene monitoring) and physical activity. “Weight loss cannot be targeted,” Aurélie Tetzlaff, dietitian nutritionist, and food educator, says. When you begin a weight loss program, you lose weight everywhere over your body. Sport is what will allow you to mold your silhouette.”

If you want actual results, say goodbye to pointless and unpleasant ab workouts…”The abdominals refine the waist, allowing sheathing and silhouette firming… However, they do not effectively mobilize the abdominal fat mass. “It is the food that is associated with a cardio activity that will mobilize the adipose tissues,” emphasizes the nutrition specialist.

exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home

Exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home

A flat stomach program must incorporate the following elements on the athletic level:

  • Cardio: activities that move the entire body while burning calories and fat in general. Running, brisk walking, Nordic walking, swimming, cycling, fitness, triathlon, aquabike… are some examples.
  • Muscle building: using multi-joint exercises such as squats and lunges to build muscle for the body as a whole and raise basal metabolism (the amount of energy the body consumes at rest). This strengthening work will also include sheathing exercises and abdominal movements to work the entire abdominal belt (the rectus, the superficial abdominal muscle, the external and internal obliques, the lateral abdominal muscles, and the transverse muscle, the deepest abdominal muscle). The goal is to firm, shape the belly, and refine the waist.

In conclusion, diet, cardio, and muscle building are inseparable for fighting abdominal fat, which is “embedded in the abdomen visibly above the rectus abdominis, the chocolate bar, and invisible in the deep and visceral part,” according to Antonin Mollet, sports coach graduate L’Appart fitness.

It remains to be seen how to effectively combine this dietary and athletic fare…

Flat stomach: cladding and hypopressive exercises to target the transverse

We devote special attention to transverse toning when working on the abdominals. When engaged, this deep abdominal muscle forms a natural belt across the trunk and lowers abdominal diameter. According to the coach, the flat stomach is caused by the transverse muscle. “To flatten the belly, we need a toned, not relaxed, transverse.” As a result, we will conduct efficient abs workouts that stretch this muscle as if we were wearing a corset around the waist.”

What are effective abs exactly? “Exercises for hypopressive abs that pull in the belly.” Unlike hyperactives, which push the belly out and the organs down.” The sheathing exercises around the board (with, for example, the hands or elbows resting on the ground and the body parallel to the ground), the hollow (a sheathing exercise in which you are in a lying position with your back on the ground without the support of your hands), rolling up of the pelvis… are all well-known hypopressive exercises. “The hypopressive practice helps to flatten the stomach and keep the organs and viscera in place.”

Bust rises, including the crunch, are condemned because they are accused of putting intra-abdominal pressure on the pelvic floor (consisting of the perineum, this set of muscles supports the organs like a trampoline canvas). A weakness that exposes women, in particular, to a slew of inconveniences: urine incontinence, prolapse (organ descent)… So, should we vilify hyperpressive exercises? Antonin Mollet tempers that not everything is a matter of balance. “We do not eliminate them, but rather limit them by performing twice as many hypopressive exercises as hyperpressive exercises.”

Flat stomach: circuit training, an effective cardio training method

If you do not want to run because it is potentially traumatic for your knee joints (risk of injury, periostitis, wiper syndrome, etc.), circuit training (circuit training) is another sort of workout that can help you lose weight and get a flat stomach. “For example, we link 4 to 5 simple exercises that we perform at a given pace, such as 30 seconds of effort / 10 seconds of break before moving on to the next one, all over 3-4 laps,” says the concept. This 20-to-30-minute functional exercise, in which short but intense work intervals follow one another, improves physical condition and engages several muscles throughout the body.

exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home

“Short and intense effort increases energy expenditure after training and stimulates metabolism, promoting weight loss,” Antonin Mollet explains. Interval training builds cardiac power in the same way as sprinters do with short, explosive efforts. We favor polyarticular activities like squats that target the glutes and thighs in addition to the abs for an optimal circuit training with a flat stomach goal. “Working the lower body and chaining the exercises will increase cardio faster,” Antonin Mollet notes. If we are concerned about weariness, the expert assures us that “the circuit training format is adaptable to any type of training.”

On a bike (interval, spinning, or indoor RPM), an indoor rower, or in the pool (alternating fast crawl and breaststroke recovery, for example). Fartlek (accelerations and running with a small stride) allows you to alter your running rhythms. We recommend “three circuit training sessions per week” for real physical change and fat loss. “We request that a coach be offered an interval training format that is appropriate for his level and abilities.”

Losing Belly Fat: The 10 Best Circuit Training Exercises

This training circuit includes ten flat stomach exercises that will help with cardio, muscle building, weight loss, and abdominal toning. The order of the exercises must be followed in order to adhere to the interval structure and promote cardio. The proper rhythm is 30 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of recuperation. We perform the ten exercises in two, three, or four rounds (as desired), with one minute of rest between each round.

Warm up for 5 to 7 minutes before beginning flat stomach training: arm circles, neck motions on one side then the other, knee rises on the spot, pelvic circles…

  1. The squat is a great exercise for a flat tummy. Standing with back straight and abs engaged (tummy tucked in). Bend your knees and push your buttocks back and down as if you were sitting in an imaginary chair. Come down halfway (above the knee line) and back up while blowing. The chest remains high, and the bust remains straight. Thighs and glutes benefit from this exercise. We work the lower body to increase energy expenditure in order to lose fat.
  2. The back lunge is a flat stomach exercise. Standing with feet parallel and hip width apart, back straight, abs taut, chest high, and arms stretched along the torso. Step back with one leg while bending both knees. In a lunge, the front knee is above the ankle and the rear knee is towards the floor. The back remains straight (as seen from the horizon). Return to the starting position and swap legs by exhaling. Alternate between back lunge motions. Tapering legs and burning calories are two benefits.
  3. Exercise for a flat stomach: plank on the elbows On all fours on the mat, with hands under the shoulders and legs hip-width apart. Abs are tight and the perineum is engaged. Place your elbows on the ground in line with your shoulders and move your knees away from the ground until they are lifted off the ground. The pelvis is aligned with the shoulders and the body is parallel to the floor. Hold the position for 30 seconds while naturally breathing without inflating the tummy. We do not let go of the pelvis or push the buttocks up to the ceiling. Keep the knees on the ground (away from the chest) as an option. It is useful for training the cladding and the deep abdominal strap muscles.
  4. The squat jump is a great exercise for a flat tummy. Standing with both feet hip-width apart, toes turned slightly outwards, and abs tense. Squat by bending your knees and pushing your buttocks back. Then, while exhaling, return to your feet by jumping. Return with your knees bent and your body weight in your heels to cushion the jump. Good for: leg and glute strength, cardio.
  5. Walking lunge exercise for a flat stomach Standing, feet parallel hip width apart, back straight, abs taut, chest high, arms parallel to the body. Step forward with one leg while bending both knees. In a lunge, the front knee is above the ankle and the rear knee is towards the floor. The back remains straight (as seen from the horizon). Exhale to return to the starting posture with both feet hip-width apart. Then, in a lunge, step forward with the other leg. Keep the alternate walking lunge action going. Tapering legs and burning calories are two benefits.
  6. Exercise for a flat stomach: roll up the pelvis Initial position: Lie on your back with both feet on the ground. The activity: Lift your feet off the ground, bend your knees, and slightly lift your lumbar (lower back) off the ground to bring your knees closer to your chest. Exhale by drawing in the belly and activating the perineum on the movement. Keep the knees bent and the heels at the level of the buttocks, rather than stretching the legs towards the ceiling. Lift your lower back by pushing against the ground with your hands. And we lowered it carefully, without jerking. It is beneficial for strengthening the stomach (rectus rectus and transverse), as well as warming up the abs.
  7. Push-ups are a great exercise for a flat tummy. On all fours, with hands broader than shoulders, knees on the floor, and pelvic breadth. The body is wrapped in a sheath, the belly tucked in. The back is stretched all the way to the top of the head. Bend your elbows and lower your chest to the ground without going all the way down. Go up while blowing with the elbows bent at right angles. The greater the distance between the knees and the chest, the more the sheathing is worked. If the movement is too strenuous, they are brought closer to the chest. It is beneficial for sheathing, abs, but also shoulders, pecs, and triceps. We work on the transverse, or flat stomach muscle.
  8. The Arlaud movement is a flat stomach exercise. Lie on your stomach with your elbows bent and open, hands behind your head, and legs apart. The perineum was engaged and the stomach tucked in. Exhale while straightening the bust (without letting go of the belly). Allow yourself to be inspired. We do not use our hands to push on the head; instead, we open our arms. It is beneficial for strengthening the lower back (lumbar).
  9. The Hollow is a flat stomach workout. Lie on your back with your stomach tucked in and your perineum engaged. Arms across the body, feet on the ground. The exercise: while exhaling, engage the abs and elevate the head, arms, and feet from the floor, arms and legs stretched towards the ceiling. The lower back is still on the floor. The chin lies flat against the sternum, closed. We do not tilt the head back because this would pull on the cervical spine. To avoid hollowing out the lower back, straight legs do not descend too far. If your arches are particularly high or the exercise is too strenuous, bend your knees and move your legs closer to you and/or your hands closer to your knees.It’s good for: sheathing and having your abs on fire!
  10. The climber (climber) is a flat stomach workout. Position at the start: The hands are aligned under the shoulders in the plank. The upper back is flat, the neck is stretched, and the body is arranged in a straight line from the pelvis to the shoulders. The stomach is in. Exhale while bringing one leg towards the chest, then the other. As little as possible, the pelvis moves. The buttocks do not extend to the ceiling. To maintain a long neck, the back is stretched and the gaze is directed in front of the hands. Alternately, elevate the knees diagonally to target the obliques. It’s useful for toning the entire abdominal strap (transverse, rectus abdominis, obliques) as well as focusing on cardio.

At the conclusion of the session… We finish with a brief return to calm and a 20-second stretch of the various areas of the body (back, legs, arms, shoulders, buttocks).

How long does it take to get a flat stomach? From one month, and ideally from three months, if you exercise frequently and keep a healthy nutritional balance.

Exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home

Other sports tips to lose belly fat

Other good reactions can help you fine-tune your flat stomach strategy…

  • Bodybuilding is not just for “Malabars” in sports halls. In a flat stomach plan for women, increasing (harmonious) muscular mass is also of interest. “Strengthening your muscles allows you to consume energy and fat more efficiently, especially in women.” The body burns more calories at rest when there is higher muscular mass. “The basal metabolism has been increased.”As a result, we plan entire body weight training sessions based on the progressive overload theory. Explanation: In contrast to bodyweight and traditional muscle training, developing in bodybuilding with results on the silhouette (more muscles and less fat) necessitates adding a load throughout the workouts. Dumbbells, elastic, loaded bar, and other gym equipment, carrying water bottles as weights at home, carrying a backpack loaded with a bottle of water… “The load must be adapted to you,” Antonin Mollet warns. A trained fitness specialist is also sought for help on a customised program here.


  • Do extended cardio sessions once or twice a week to vary your exercises, i.e. continuous efforts of 1 hour on average at a low level (you must be able to carry a conversation without being out of breath). These routines increase endurance while also burning calories. Brisk walking on an inclined or uphill treadmill, a 1-hour fundamental endurance run, cycling, and other activities are examples.


  • Being sheathed and blown during workouts: During exercises, whether in bodybuilding or abs, we sheath our belly: “we bring in the belly by sucking in the navel as if we were passing between two doors” This engages the transverse and prevents hypertension. We think of engaging the perineum during abdominal exercises by picturing holding back a need to go to the toilet. Finally, we exhale thoroughly via the mouth during the movement. “We intensify the muscular contraction by exhaling during the effort,” says Antonin Mollet.


  • workout on a regular basis: For long-term effects, you should workout on a regular basis, ideally every other day, to allow your body time to recover between sessions.

Swollen belly: bloating may be involved (Exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home)

Bloating is a completely distinct and quite prevalent cause of difficulty to decrease tummy fat. It’s a classic instance for individuals who suffer from it: you’ve just completed your meal and your stomach starts to bloat like a balloon. “Abdominal measurements can be greatly influenced by bloating and can sometimes take up to 5 centimeters in waistline,” says Aurélie Tetzlaff, dietitian nutritionist and food educator. Bloating is caused by the fermentation of food in the stomach and is accompanied by digestive discomfort (abdominal gas, fluid retention, abdominal pain, and so on) and can have a variety of causes, including stress, poor diet, alcohol, the hormone cycle, and so on. Understanding the source of bloating and applying excellent hygiene and nutritional practices are critical for fighting bloating and regaining intestinal well-being.

Flat stomach: dietary advice to limit bloating

Aurélie Tetzlaff reminds us of the proper reactions to “deflate” and lose volume in the stomach:

  • Participate in frequent physical activity. Sporting activity stimulates abdominal muscles and transit.
  • Hydrate adequately. Drinking 1.5 L to 2 L of water each day (or more if you participate in sports) helps better meal digestion. “This is equivalent to drinking one glass of water every hour,” says Aurélie Tetzlaff.
  • At each meal, have a balanced diet of proteins (meat, fish, dairy products, vegetable proteins), vegetables, and carbs. What is a balanced plate, exactly? “One-third starch, one-third protein, and one-third vegetables.” When you are losing weight, you increase your protein consumption slightly. On average, 25g more protein per day, should be adjusted on an individual basis with the assistance of a nutritionist. “It promotes weight loss and increases muscle mass,” says the nutritionist. We limit ourselves to two portions of fruit each day vs three servings of veggies. In this nutritional balance, we obviously avoid fried foods, foods that are overly fatty, sugary, or salty, and alcohol.
  • Prefer raw, handmade, and seasonal foods
    Consume fruits and water in between meals. At the end of the meal, the fruits tend to ferment. They should be had 1 to 2 hours after meals, as a snack, for example.
  • Limit your intake of soft drinks and chewing gum (depending on your sensitivity). This behavior “causes distension of the stomach walls, which begin to swell, causing intestinal pain and bloating.”
    Take your time chewing and eating (at least 20 minutes to feel full). We eat in a “favorable” environment by disconnecting from screens. “When we are distracted, we detach from our food sensations, and we tend to eat too much and too quickly, which affects digestion.”
  • Limit fermentable foods that cause bloating, such as cauliflower, turnips, Brussels sprouts, legumes (peas, chickpeas, dry beans, and so on), dairy products, and so on. “We don’t get rid of them, but we mix them with vegetables.”
    kefir (rich in good bacteria that support healthy digestion), ginger (relaxing effect on the intestines and anti-inflammatory), fennel (natural diuretic and anti-spasmodic), lemon (hydrates and supports digestion), celery (rich in water and fiber), artichoke (rich in fiber, it promotes peristalsis, muscle contractions necessary for digestion), beetroot (rich in potassium), banana (rich in fiber, anti-constitutional).
    Avoid clothing that constricts the stomach (tight pants, for example). “This can cause negative physical discomfort during food intake and digestion.”

Accessories for dominal exercises

  • The Gym ball for flat stomach sheathing: This huge flexible ball, also known as the Swiss ball and used in Pilates and Postural ball exercises, is ideal for working on flat stomach sheathing at home. “In an unstable position, such as a plank, abdominal sheathing causes a reflex contraction of the abdominals and increases muscular effort.” We have a better range of motion when we work softly and thoroughly on activities like chest raises.” It is also recycled in relaxation movements, such as stretching and relaxing the back.
  • The elastic for more severe sheathing: placed on the ankles for active sheathing such as in the plank position, elbows on the ground, the elastic under strain intensifies the workouts. “Although the elastic is less accessible than the Gym ball, it generates an interesting effort by providing continuous resistance throughout the movement.” It is also easy on the joints.”
  • Dumbbells: By holding a dumbbell in each hand, you can perform polyarticular exercises with an added load, such as squats or lunges, and enhance energy expenditure. Their effect on the abdominals is obviously indirect, but they have a place in flat stomach training.
  • The foam roller (self-massage roller) has an indirect influence on the flat stomach. However, in addition to training, a massage roller (with a smooth surface) allows you to self-massage and relax the muscles after exertion. “It promotes better mobility and recovery, which allows you to train longer, more frequently, and more intensely by increasing the fundamental results,” Antonin Mollet remarks. It should be noted that the foam roller is also utilized as an auxiliary in Pilates sheathing exercises, such as the plank position with arms outstretched and hands lying on the roller. To further target the transverse muscle, he adds instability and intensity to the workout.

exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home

Exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home

Flat stomach: recommended bibliography to pamper your stomach

  • A pain-free body, Thierry Souccar editions (Christophe Carrio)
  • Dr Bernadette de Gasquet (Marabout) stops the massacre with abdominals.
  • VP4S – 4 weeks to a flat stomach! Jessica Mellet (Larousse), Aurélie Edmond

Other benefits of having a flat and strong stomach Beyond aesthetics, there are numerous health benefits to sheathing your transverse muscles and building muscle in your abdominal belt: we prevent and reduce back pain by supporting the muscles that protect the spine (abs and lumbar muscles), we straighten our bust and posture, and we forge a solid trunk. You become more enduring and efficient in your sports practice and in your daily life when you have a strong center of the body.

Exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home

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