What if you could earn an extra $50 per day or $1,500 per month?

For most people, $50 a day in internet income is a significant sum of money. Especially with all the many ways to make money on the internet, it might be challenging to earn that much.

But after putting hundreds of various online income streams to the test, we’ve finally reduced the list to the 48 simplest methods to earn $50 every day.

1. Online surveys

By taking part in online surveys, you may earn money.

Consumer feedback is sought after by businesses, and some are ready to pay handsomely for it.

There are a ton of survey businesses available. Direct deposit, PayPal, free gift cards, and other methods are used for payment.

Some survey businesses provide free applications you may download from Google Play or the App Store, while others need you to use a desktop computer to complete the survey.

Companies that conduct surveys serve as a bridge between businesses and paid focus groups.

They pay you to express your opinion while assisting businesses in obtaining the customer feedback they desire.

How much can you make by participating in internet surveys?
The typical survey payment ranges from less than $1 to $100.

Although you can’t make a living just from doing surveys, you may use them as a side source of money to support your existing major source of income.

Is it difficult to answer online surveys?

Making money online is simple when you take surveys.

Answering the survey questions is all that is required.

There are no incorrect responses; you must just answer truthfully.

Taking surveys is also a chance to earn some additional cash by performing a straightforward chore, even though it isn’t free money.

Do you need a computer to take surveys?

You do not require a computer, but you will need connection to the internet, which you may do by:

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • internet cafe
  • public library
  • Other places

How many online surveys can you take?

You are free to participate in as many surveys as you like from various survey providers.
Here is a list of some of our preferred survey firms:

How to make the most money possible with surveys?

Check out these suggestions for doing surveys to earn the maximum money:

  • Monitor your employment and income.
  • Consider it a job.
  • Join many survey websites to maximize your earnings.
  • Make time management a habit.

Taking surveys may earn you $50 or more each day, so it is absolutely worthwhile if you want to make some additional money.

2. Join the Panels

With just a few more hours each week, you may use panels to increase your earnings.

They resemble surveys in style. You will require more time if you want to use panels to generate money online.

Panels can take at least 30-90 minutes and even up to several weeks, whereas surveys can take 2–15 minutes (some take longer).

You may take part in a 3-week panel, for instance, where you would need to commit a few hours each week for 3 weeks to finish the panel.

There are online and offline panels.

How was the panel experience for me?

All of the panels I went to were online, and I made well over $50 each day. Over the previous two years, I’ve participated on three panels, which have paid me $80, $110, and $300.

Even if you don’t participate in panels on the same level as you engage in surveys, they are a terrific opportunity to earn some extra money quickly.

You might perhaps take part in two or three panels each month to make some additional cash online. Each panel pays $600 (and occasionally more).

You simply need to take part in a small number of them each month to make an average of $50 a day due to how profitable they are.

Check out these panel companies to help you get started:

3. Start a blog

Create a blog to make at least $50 per day.

By interacting with the public and expressing your ideas, knowledge, and skills through blogging, you may earn money online.

You may network, establish enduring relationships with an audience, establish your authority as a subject matter expert in a field, and make money while doing it.

How much can you earn blogging?

A very good pay of $20,000 or $43,000+ per month, or much more than $50 per day, may be earned by bloggers.

Pretty amazing stats, no?

Even a complete beginner may earn money blogging for a few hours a day with basic writing abilities.

Even while you can’t start earning this much money from your blog right now, you can start doing so in a few months or even longer.

The best part is that by setting up passive income streams through affiliate marketing and advertising, you may make up to $20,000 each month.

On what topics may you blog?

There are countless subjects on which to blog.

I advise you to pick a topic you are enthusiastic in, such as:

  • Journey
  • Feed
  • Budgeting
  • Minimalism
  • Small business
  • Career
  • military life
  • University life
  • mom life
  • parenthood
  • Gardening
  • Pets
  • Interior decoration

Is there a start-up fee?

Starting a blog has charges, but they are reasonable, less than 20€ each month.

Many side professions or companies have start-up fees, and blogging is no exception.

The benefit is that the start-up fees are modest, and your daily earnings can easily surpass €50.

Here is a breakdown of the fees associated with getting started in blogging:

  • Accommodation
  • Domain

There are several hosting platforms from which to pick.

Hostinger is fantastic.

They provide low-cost monthly plans for less than the price of a fast food meal combo.

Following that is the cost of your domain, which is around €9/year with Namecheap.

So you can create your own blog for less than $20 in start-up charges.

But be warned: if you want to develop your own personalized website, the initial expenditures for your blog might skyrocket.

When you’re ready to start blogging, you’ll need:

  • Time
  • Resources
  • The will to succeed

How much time should I spend blogging each day?

The amount of time you spend depends on your schedule.

You can blog for 2 hours per week or 20 hours per week. Everything is dependent on your daily routine, time, and circumstances.

How do you manage your time as a successful blogger?

When considering to create a blog, there are two factors to consider:

  • The contents
  • The promotion

Your blog’s content is its meat and potatoes. It is your articles that will connect with an audience.


The content will generate traffic to your website and draw people from all around the world. This will enable you to monetize that traffic and make more revenue.

The advertising you will perform to assist your blog acquire attention and earn greater cash in the future is referred to as promotion.

Blogging is adaptable, and you’ll enjoy it if you enjoy writing about something you’re interested in. You can blog after work, on weekends, during your work breaks, and so on.

You are also your own independent writer and hence your own boss. Isn’t that wonderful?


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