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Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

Apple cider vinegar for weight loss: does it work?

Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

The use of apple cider vinegar for weight loss is widespread. Indeed, this vinegar made from apples would have many advantages to keep the figure. In this article, discover the health benefits of apple cider vinegar for weight loss, but also some tips to integrate it into the daily diet with a typical day of menus. 

Benefits of apple cider vinegar for weight loss

Apple cider vinegar has the advantage of concentrating the active ingredients of the fruit from which it is made: the apple. Because of this, apple cider vinegar has an interesting content of antioxidants, acetic acid and pectin. 

Concretely, apple cider vinegar makes it possible to:

  • Regulate blood sugar and insulin production 
  • Decrease the storage of sugar in the form of triglycerides in adipose tissue 
  • Increase fat burning 
  • Stimulate the digestive system and facilitate digestion 
  • Regulate blood cholesterol levels 
  • Benefit from an interesting appetite suppressant effect
  • Protect cells against oxidation and premature aging
  • Etc.

How to consume apple cider vinegar for weight loss?

Apple cider vinegar for weight loss should not be consumed in any way. Indeed, it is not only a question of integrating it into a few preparations to derive the benefits. For a positive effect, you should consume 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar diluted in water on an empty stomach in the morning, then a few minutes before each meal. It is at these precise times of the day that apple cider vinegar would have the most effects on the body, and on the digestive system in particular. Be careful, however, if you have a fragile stomach, consider diluting the vinegar further. For optimal effectiveness, the cider vinegar cure should be continued for 3 to 6 months. The ideal is to do 3-month cures, twice a year. 

Apple cider vinegar for weight loss, does it really work?

Consuming apple cider vinegar can be a real boon for health and for the figure. However, it is not a miracle food and this consumption is only of interest as part of a varied and balanced diet. To be effective, apple cider vinegar must therefore be combined with regular physical activity, sufficient hydration and a properly composed diet.

As a reminder, here are the basics of healthy eating:

  • Eat fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables with every meal 
  • Favor starchy foods and wholemeal or grain breads 
  • Consume a source of animal or vegetable protein with each meal 
  • Focus on foods rich in essential fatty acids: vegetable oils, oilseeds, etc. 
  • Eat slowly, calmly and chew well 
  • Avoid white sugar and sweet products: pastries, cookies, cakes, chocolate, spread, candies, etc. 
  • Cook to the max and avoid processed products and ready meals
  • Drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day 
  • Limit the consumption of alcohol and sodas 
  • Listen to your body and food sensations: hunger, satiety, etc. 
  • Make 3 main meals and 1 to 2 snacks if needed 
  • Do not snack between meals 
  • Do not skip meals

A typical day to lose weight with apple cider vinegar

In practice, here is a typical day to lose weight with apple cider vinegar. This sample menu will need to be readjusted to suit your specific needs and your level of physical activity. For example, you can add a snack to it to better suit your lifestyle. 

  Breakfast  Lunch  Having dinner
30 minutes before 3 tbsp. tablespoons of apple cider vinegar diluted in a glass of water, on an empty stomach 3 tbsp. tablespoons of apple cider vinegar diluted in a glass of water 3 tbsp. tablespoons of apple cider vinegar diluted in a glass of water
Composition Green tea

2 slices of wholemeal bread

30 g of cream cheese

Fruit compote with no added sugars

150 g of raw vegetables in olive oil and lemon

120 g of poultry

120 g cooked quinoa and peppers

Plain whole fruit yogurt

200 ml of seasonal vegetable soup

250 g squash stuffed with brown rice and mushrooms

White cheese with honey

Oven-roasted pear

Apple cider vinegar drink recipe for weight loss

If you are one of those who find it hard to consume apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach, here is an easy drink recipe that might bring you back to vinegar. 

For 1 glass

  • 2 tbsp. lemon vinegar
  • The juice of half a lemon 
  • 1 C. heaped with honey 
  • 200 ml of water 


  1. To make this drink, simply start by heating the water in a saucepan. Be careful, the water must not boil. 
  2. In a glass, mix the liquid honey with the lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. Then add hot water on top and mix for a good dissolution of all the ingredients. Drink now. 

This preparation combines the virtues of lemon with those of cider vinegar. Adding honey reduces the acidity of the mixture and makes it more pleasant to eat.

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