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Seth Rogen Weight Loss

Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen The Green Hornet comic didn’t just lose weight laughing. He went on a diet and sports to get in shape for the role of the superhero.

Seth Rogen Weight Loss

Seth Rogen lost over 23 kg to reach his weight loss goal.

The actor is a great epicurean. When he learned he had to lose weight to take on the role of The Green Hornet , he wasn’t sure he was going to make it. The result of his efforts paid off, but he resisted the imposed lifestyle very badly. 

Since the success of the movie Knocked Up, Instructions For Use , Seth Rogen has lost weight. He followed a special diet with a celebrity trainer.

Seth Rogen weight loss Before has been propelled to the top thanks to the movie Surprise Pregnancy, where he plays the role of a well coated slacker who, following a one night stand with a magnificent and ambitious celebrity, learns that she is pregnant.

However, since Rogen did not want to play the role of the “jerk fat boy” for the rest of his life, he decided to change his appearance.

Seth Rogen Weight Loss

Seth Rogen after For the 2008 film The Green Hornet, Rogen had to lose weight in order to be believable in his role as a masked vigilante (even though Hornet’s alter ego is a socialite and partying man).

So Rogen hired a trainer and cut down on the carbs. “Seriously folks, stay fat,” he said to sum up his experience . “It’s no fun. “

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