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Jessica Simpson Weight Loss

Jessica Simpson: her sad confessions about her weight and her addiction to slimming pills

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss : When Jessica Simpson is only 17 years old, a famous representative of a record company asks her to lose 7 kilos. She only weighs 53… The beginning of serious weight problems for the singer.

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss

The world of show business can be ruthless. The actress and singer Jessica Simpson had the bitter experience. As she prepares to publish her memoir, on February 4, the mother of three confided in People magazine on one of the worst experiences of her career. Aged 17, she goes to New York for an audition with one of the famous managers of a major American record

company. The man falls under the spell of her voice, makes her sign a huge contract, but forces her to lose 7 kilos, while she only weighs 53 for 1, 61 m! “ That’s what you have to do to become Jessica Simpson, ” he tells her. For the young girl, it is the beginning of the descent into hell and many weight problems. “I immediately followed an extremely strict diet and started taking slimming pills, which I will do for the next 20 years , ”explains the wife of ex-footballer Eric Johnson.

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss : 45 kilos gained for her third pregnancy


Jessica Simpson Weight Loss The pressure is such that Jessica Simpson begins to exhibit serious disturbances: “ I started hearing voices when I was alone at night, waiting for my sleeping pill to take effect. They would say to me : ‘Do more abs, big ass’ ”. On the weight side, the star is the yoyo, going from an hourglass figure to much more generous curves, her three pregnancies also participating in her many variations in weight. In 2019, she confides, on her Instagram account, to have succeeded

in losing the 45 kilos taken for her third child, Birdie Mae. “ It’s genetic ,” she tells People . In my family we all gain a lot of pregnant weight“. Today, Jessica Simpson seems more serene with her body and admires the representatives of body positivism, like Ashley Graham and Lizzo. “ Fortunately times have changed and people no longer care about body image. I hope I can participate in this change and that my daughters will grow up in a world where they can accept themselves, no matter their size ”.

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss

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