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Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss

The remarkable weight loss achieved by Gabourey Sidibé

Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss

Do you recall the 2010 Oscar-nominated film “Precious,” which told the tale of a teenage girl who was abused by her parents? The lead actress, Gabourey Sidibé, unveils a new silhouette today and seems completely altered! She struggled with obesity for a very long period, but her weight issues finally covered up deeper issues with complex food relationships (bulimia), despair, and anxiety. She had to get out of a true vicious spiral owing to follow-up therapy with a psychologist.

What set things off? Type 2 diabetes was shown to be her ailment. In her book, “This is just my face: try not to share,” she explains this, saying: “The relationship I’ve had with the food had to shift. I didn’t want to stress over all the symptoms that come with diabetes. She tried numerous diets to lose weight naturally before deciding to have a gastrectomy, which is the complete or partial surgical removal of the stomach and is consequently irreversible.

gabourey sidibe weight loss

A Protracted but wonderful journey

Cutting your stomach in half is a first step, but as she so eloquently puts it, you must change your entire way of life. “My surgeon told me he was going to cut my stomach in half. It would restrict my appetite and eating options, which I will want to do in order to eat healthier. So you must incorporate practicing a sport and learning to eat again into your daily life! To continue losing weight and ensure that the results last, she is also monitored by a nutritionist and a sports coach.

Find out more about weight loss surgery

weight loss surgery

Gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, and even gastric banding (gastroplasty) are all considered types of bariatric surgery. They are all designed to alter how food is absorbed by the digestive system and hasten the feeling of satiety. Therefore, it provides a means of weight loss and presents the opportunity to combat obesity. To be eligible, you must be moderately, severely, or morbidly obese, as determined by a BMI between 35 and 40. If you are considering having surgery for your obesity, speak with a surgeon who can determine whether you are a good candidate and whether the procedure is necessary for you to benefit from. A follow-up with a surgeon, a psychologist, and a nutritionist is required.

Therefore, surgery serves purposes other than cosmetic ones. Indeed, for many men and women for whom non-surgical options have not worked, bariatric surgery and reconstructive surgery are frequently a considerable benefit. I adore my physique now, as said by Gabourey Sidibé. I was able to walk easily in heels. I want to spin around. I don’t want to experience pain each time I use the stairs.

gabourey sidibe weight loss

Other celebrities that have jumped

have Given that there are more than 650 million adults who are obese, she is not alone. Consider Sarah Fraisou, a reality TV personality from France, who opted to have a stomach balloon implanted. She shed at least 26 kg in just four months and seems to be getting leaner. Contrary to Gabourey Sidibé’s sleeve gastrectomy, the gastric balloon is a non-invasive technique that involves inserting a balloon into the stomach through the mouth and esophagus without surgery. By taking up space in the stomach, the balloon induces satiety, which leads to weight loss. Once the desired outcomes have been attained, the balloon is removed after a short period of time.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle and fight obesity

Obesity must be treated seriously because it raises the risk of cancer and shortens life spans while also causing several disorders (respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, metabolic, or rheumatological).

The goal is to be in good physical and mental health.

Keep in mind the following for long-term, steady weight loss: a balanced diet, good eating habits (such as chewing food thoroughly to feel full faster), exercise, motivation, and persistence!

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