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Iron Rich Foods

What can be done to combat iron deficiency ?

Iron Rich Foods and What can be done to combat iron deficiency ?

A lack of transportation reduces performance and the immune system. Foods high in iron are valuable allies in avoiding this situation. When iron reserves are depleted, it is often necessary to replenish them.

When our bodies lack iron, our cells and organs do not receive enough oxygen. We are fatigued, exhausted, and depressed. A nutritious diet aids in the preservation of iron reserves.

Meet your daily iron requirement
The requirement for iron varies according to gender, age, and stage of life. Here are several examples:

  • Men 10 mg per day – Around the same as 400 g wholemeal bread or 125 g dried lentils.
  • Women 15 mg per day – Their requirement is greater since women lose blood on a regular basis during menstruation.
  • Pregnant women 30mg/nursing 20mg daily – They have a very high need for it and are usually administered iron supplements. Food alone cannot meet such large-scale needs.

They have a very high need for it and are usually administered iron supplements. Food alone cannot meet such large-scale needs.

Iron-rich meals can help you avoid a deficit.
Consuming a well-balanced diet is the greatest strategy to avoid deficiencies. But, if you already have an iron deficiency, iron-rich foods will not suffice to compensate. Iron preparations are frequently required in this instance. It is available in tablet or drop form.

Iron is particularly abundant in the following foods:

  • Red meat
  • black pudding
  • liver
  • legumes (peas, lentils, soya)
  • dried fruits
  • nut

The myth of iron-rich spinach is tough to swallow. It does contain a lot of iron when compared to other green vegetables, however the oxalate in spinach stops us from absorbing the iron, making it almost useless. Spinach, on the other hand, is high in minerals and vitamins. As a result, never consider foods in isolation; diversity is about efficiency. It is futile to eat solely iron-rich foods.

Here is for the following foods the iron contained in 100 g

Black pudding


Pan-fried pork liver


Graubünden raw ham


Egg yolk










Pumpkin seeds




dried apricots


Steamed salsify




Lamb’s lettuce, rampon




Iron content based on Swiss nutritional value

These foods help with iron absorption.
Animal products are better absorbed by our bodies than veggie diets.
Acidity aids in the absorption of iron from iron-rich meals. As a result, medications such as stomach acid blockers impede this assimilation.
It is aided by vitamin C. Foods and vegetables high in vitamin C include peppers, cabbage, oranges, and kiwis.
Hint : Take a glass of orange or sea buckthorn juice 30 to 60 minutes before or after a meal of iron-rich foods.

A balanced diet can also meet the needs of vegetarians and vegans. Plant-based foods with the highest iron content include legumes such as chickpeas, lentils, and soybeans. When in doubt, seek professional assistance. In some circumstances, basic insurance covers nutrition counseling. Your doctor will gladly provide you advice.

The following foods inhibit iron absorption.
Calcium is one of the meals that interfere with iron absorption in the digestive tract. Avoid combining dairy products with iron-rich foods in excess.

Polyphenols and tannins found in black tea, green tea, coffee, red wine, and grape juice are examples of iron blockers. Coke also inhibits iron assimilation.

Drink coffee or black tea at least one hour before a meal containing iron-rich foods. To reduce tannin development, steep the tea for only two minutes.

When is medication used to treat iron deficiency?

When anemia is detected, treatment is required. Treatment with pills is only beneficial if symptoms of iron insufficiency without anemia emerge. In the absence of diseases, however, you will merely need to supplement your diet with iron. If this is the case, you will need to alter your diet. Consult your doctor.

When does an iron infusion become necessary?

An iron infusion is considered a backup option. The greatest strategy for the body is to gradually increase iron reserves. As a result, a treatment can last for several months. Iron pills may cause gastrointestinal disturbance in some persons, or they may not elevate iron levels sufficiently. An iron infusion is being considered in this scenario. The same is true for pregnant women and people suffering from chronic intestinal disease.

Do you suspect you have an iron deficiency?

Are you exhausted during the day? Or are you suffering from sadness or a lack of concentration? Take iron preparations only after a thorough evaluation. Several factors could be at blame for your problems. Iron deficiency should always be treated under medical supervision. Call your primary care physician.

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