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300 Calorie Meals

Light Meal Recipes under 300 and 500 Calories

300 Calorie Meals

300 Calorie Meals Cassoulet or grilled fish tacos? No need to deprive yourself with these light and tasty recipes at less than 300 and 500 calories.

lamb chop with mustard

A meal recipe with less than 300 Calories Meals : lamb chop with mustard


This marinade is spiced up with old-fashioned mustard, rosemary and garlic and emphasizes the fine flavor of the lamb chops and turns, after cooking, into a crust as beautiful as it is good. This condiment is an excellent ally for the kitchen , because this same marinade is suitable for skewers of lamb and, by increasing the quantities, for grilled or roasted leg of lamb.


Recipe for sautéed cabbage coolers less than 300 calories Meals


300 Calorie Meals

The kale, seasoned with soy sauce, is simply delicious!


Low Calorie Vegetable Cury Recipe


300 Calorie Meals

New potatoes and fine green beans are cooked in a mixture of butter and delicate spices. Serve them with a small portion of rice.


Light butternut squash gratin recipe


300 Calorie Meals

Butternut squash (or Butternut squash) conceals a dense, sweet orange flesh under its skin, known for its high beta-carotene and soluble fiber. The first of these nutrients is known to fight disease while fiber is said to prevent the absorption of LDL cholesterol (the “bad” cholesterol) by the body.


Light Chinese Chicken Soup Recipe


300 Calorie Meals

Mushrooms, cayenne pepper and fresh coriander flavor this Chinese soup made with chicken broth enriched with vermicelli and beaten egg filaments.


Low Calorie Louisiana Style White Fish Recipe


Light Meal Recipes under 300 and 500 Calories


A crust of corn flour mixed with spices and aromatics surrounds fillets of white fish grilled lively in the Cajun tradition.


Smoked salmon recipe with sautéed vegetables less than 300 calories Meals


Light Meal Recipes under 300 and 500 Calories

This preparation brings together tiny vegetables and smoked salmon, with a touch of Far Eastern seasoning.


Light veal liver recipe with balsamic vinegar


Light veal liver recipe with balsamic vinegar

Accompanied by a cream sauce spiced with balsamic vinegar and mustard, calf’s liver with onion, sprinkled with fresh sage, is a delectable dish with less than 300 calories.


Lemon Thyme Roasted Turkey Breast Recipe Less Than 300 Calories


Lemon Thyme Roasted Turkey Breast

Deli meats are very high in salt, so you should roast your own turkey breast and thinly slice it into sandwiches that even kids will love. To avoid overcooking it, which will dry out, or not enough, check the cooking temperature with a meat thermometer (some instant-read models only cost $ 8.95).


Cajun barley stew recipe less than 300 calories Meals


Cajun barley stew

Barley is one of the favorite grains farmers like because it matures quickly and is hardy. We should like it too: it tastes nutty and is excellent for your health.

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