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Coffees To Prevent Chronic Diseases

Drink Between 3 and 5 Coffees Per Day To Prevent Chronic Diseases

Coffees To Prevent Chronic Diseases

Coffees To Prevent Chronic Diseases As long as you do not exceed 5 cups a day, coffee is beneficial for your health.

Coffee has been of interest to Science for a long time: over the course of studies, we have learned that it is good for energy but should not be abused It protects against obesity during pregnancy, but that it may be responsible for migraines, that it helped minimize gallstones, but that it interfered with sleep, that it was responsible for migraines, prevented certain cancers while it favored others … In short, researchers are not unanimous on the question !

A recent study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine and relayed by our colleagues from Le Parisien , intends to make everyone agree: the researchers analyzed 96 scientific publications concerning caffeine and took stock of the (real! ) our favorite drink …

First thing to know: if you drink between 3 and 5 cups of coffee a day(corresponding to an overall daily intake of 400 mg of caffeine), the health benefits are strong are real: there is notably a reduction in fatigue. , increased vigilance and decreased reaction time. The famous ” boost effect ” traditionally associated with coffee is very real!



Better: daily (and moderate coffee intake, according to this report,will minimize the risk of breast cancer, melanoma, and prostate cancer. ” Coffee has been thought to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease fora long time, but lately there has been evidence of its health benefits.This is particularly due to the hundreds of biochemically active substances contained in caffeine , like polyphenols. “Such components are good forour metabolism,” the researchers demonstrate.

On the other hand, from 6 coffees per day, the drink becomes harmful: ” in very high doses, caffeine causes anxiety, nervousness, excessive excitement, even psychomotor agitation ” explain the researchers. And it’s also toxic for 20 coffees a day or 1.2 g of caffeine a daybecause the heart rate, blood pressure, and adrenaline levels are rising, which is bad for the heart. Conclusion: coffee, yes, but without overdoing it …

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