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10 Low Calorie Breakfast

10 Tasty Breakfasts To Lose Weight

10 Low Calorie Breakfast


These 10 slimming breakfasts are tasty, high in protein, fiber and low in calories. Try them to lose weight without depriving yourself!

Low Calorie Breakfast

10 Low Calorie Breakfasts to lose weight and lose weight faster

Breakfast should be capable of supplying you with a number
of nutrients as part of a diet to last until dinner. To achieve this goal, equip your kitchen with foods rich in protein and fiber.

If you start the day with a bagel, sweet cereal, or an iced waffle drizzled with syrup, it won’t help your appetite and mood.

But if you eat breakfast with high-protein foods, without worrying about feeding for a moment, you can make it to the midday meal. All of the recipes below give you a good amount of protein to keep you from snacking on a chocolate bar before lunch.

Do not hesitate to consume these fat burning foods to lose weight.

Discover over the next few pages our best breakfasts to lose weight effortlessly.

A cocoa and peanut butter smoothie recipe for effortless weight loss


A cocoa and peanut butter smoothie

Treat yourself in the morning with this vegan smoothie, healthy, quick to prepare and economical. Very nutritious because full of proteins, vitamins and super foods, it will keep you full until dinner. Thanks to its sumptuous and chocolatey taste, you will be eager to get up to taste it!


Among the most effective 10 Low Calorie breakfasts to lose weight, no-cook oatmeal with raspberries and chia


no-cook oatmeal with raspberries and chia

The chia seeds encourage you the night before to prepare this oatmeal and let it swell overnight in the refrigerator.You will only have to appreciate its benefits once the morning comes. Refreshing, nutritious and satiating, it also comes in multiple flavors (chocolate / espresso, apple / cinnamon) or turns into a parfait if you add slices of bananas or fresh berries when tasting it.


A vegan pancake recipe for a slimming breakfast


vegan pancake recipe for a slimming breakfast

These extremely simple and comforting pancakes will bring you all the softness of the classic recipe, without the fat. To be preferred when you have a little more time in front of you, to be able to apply on the cooking and make perfect pancakes!


Scrambled tofu, one of the best breakfasts to lose weight more easily


Scrambled tofu

Thanks to the proteins in tofu, the vitamins in spinach and the multiple health benefits of turmeric, this 100% plant-based breakfast is a real nutritional gold mine.

Delicious with whole wheat bread or multigrain bread, scrambled tofu will delight those who prefer to eat salty in the morning. Try it as a substitute for the traditional egg-bacon duo, and see if your morning energy doesn’t improve!


A recipe for fruit and nut salad to lose weight


fruit and nut salad
Cooper Peach Berry Salad recipes 800×940

Both light and substantial, a fruit and nut salad is a great option to start the day: the carbohydrates and potassium in bananas, the protein and healthy fats in nuts, and the antioxidants in berries will give you energy. for the whole morning.

Do not hesitate to decline this formula according to your tastes or the season.


A recipe for fresh toast with asparagus for weight loss


fresh toast with asparagus

Whole grain bread slices are a better choice than a bagel or bran muffin. This high protein breakfast will keep you going until noon. In addition, vitamin B9, vitamin C and beta-carotene contained in green asparagus help prevent cardiovascular disease.


Low-fat homemade muesli for breakfast for weight loss


Low-fat homemade muesli

Healthy, quick and easy to prepare, this homemade muesli can not only be used for lunch, but also as a snack: just add some dried fruit to it. Or, make it a parfait by interspersing the layers of yogurt and fresh berries.


A slimming huevos rancheros recipe


A slimming huevos rancheros

Peppers, chillies, tomatoes and avocado make this egg meal a good source of vitamins and protein.


A recipe for oatmeal with cranberries and cardamom as a healthy breakfast


oatmeal with cranberries and cardamom

Considered a Scottish or Irish specialty, oatmeal is the most basic form of this cereal. Its wonderfully tender texture and delicious almond taste will bring you comfort.

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