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How Sylvester Stallone Spent $400 Million !

How Sylvester Stallone Spent $400 Million !


Sylvester Stallone From $106 in the bank and a baby on the way to more than $4 billion in global box office revenue, Sylvester Stallone epitomizes the notion of rags to riches. After rising to the top of Hollywood with an almighty roar, the action star now boasts a sizzling net worth of $400 million. And O’Boyle boy, he’s not afraid to spend it be it on sprawling mansions, luxury cars and bikes round the world trips and private jets, or even his very own statue. Sylvester Stallone clearly has no problems, splurging his hard earned cash. So how did this movie icon turn it all around and where does all this money go? Let’s find out. It’s not exactly a secret that slide’s one seriously wealthy dude, but with 400 million smacker Rooney’s to his name, how rich is he really the answer stupidly? So his nearly half billion dollar stuffed piggybank makes him worth almost double that a VIN diesel Morgan Freeman ended Nicole Kidman more than five times more loaded than the likes of Ryan Gosling.


And over 10 times richer than Emma Stone make no mistake about it. This guy has cash flowing out of his ears. That being said, slide’s bank balance still falls around 40 million bucks shy of pirates of the Caribbean star, Johnny Depp, and 70 million shy of Forrest Gump himself, Tom Hanks. But where did all the money come from? His list of box office smashes, of course. And that list is extensive. Just to throw out a couple of figures for you. Stallone collected $7 million for the 1982 American thriller first blood received a $16 million paycheck for his role in Rambo three and netted a cool 15 million for the Expendables three more recently back in 2014, but still own. Wasn’t always an elitist actor and money magnet. Before he got his big break. He was struggling to pay the bills needed to scrape for his meals and as rough as it sounds even needed to sell his own dog in order to put food on the table.


How did he manage to climb the Tinseltown ladder in the first place ?


Thankfully after he sold the script for Rocky, he was able to buy his beloved Butkus back, albeit at a seriously infrared price tag. Before we jump into how Stallone spends his cash, let’s take a step back. How did he manage to climb the Tinseltown ladder in the first place? The famous actor wasn’t born with a silver spoon nor was he brought up in New York city luxury. In fact, as we all know, slime was born with a partial facial paralysis due to a severed nerve burdened with low self-esteem. As a result, Stallone eventually turns to bodybuilding end at a later stage theater performing as a means of breaking through what he perceives to be constant low expectations. Before graduating from the university of Miami, the iconic film star dropped out, moving back to New York city to actively pursue his acting career. He cleaned zoo cages, worked as a theater usher, even participated in a experimental film, all to put bread on the table.


And while he scored a few uncredited roles in mainstream films like Klute and bananas, it was when he jumped from East coast to West coast in the seventies that he finally hit his turning point. The turning point of course came in the form of a screenplay. He’d written about an aspiring boxer in Philadelphia. Yup. You know, the one Rocky, his upfront salary for the classic 1976 film was a mere $23,000, but the film was a monster success raking in more than $225 million at the box office. Ultimately sly ended up making around $2.5 million from the infamous underdog story with Rocky paving, the way for an enormously successful franchise. Plus the likes of Rambo cliff hanger Cobra, and the Expendables coming later, sly was gifted more money than any average Joe could deal with. So how does he spend it all for starters? One pretty darn impressive car collection in the great man’s garage.


Sylvester Stallone Supercars

You’ll find a Bugatti. Veyron one of the most expensive Supercars in the world, which sports are whopping price tag of $1,700,000 for something a little cheaper. There’s the Aston Martin DBS worth around $200,000 or the $250,000 Bentley continental GTC complimenting off his list of sleek wheels are a $250,000 Ferrari six, 12 scale Yeti, a $330,000 Ferrari, five 99, GTB fear and Mansuri a $200,000. Plus Mercedes SL six, five, and a comparatively cheap $73,000 Mercedes E-Class AMG. But wait, there’s more. The Italian stallion has also been spotted behind the wheel of an exclusive VW Phaeton on Mercedes-Benz G five 50, which is worth over a hundred thousand on old school, 1968 Corvette, a custom Mustang GT, and a special edition Chevy Camaro Hendrix, S S G talk about over the top. Oh, and how could we forget this Cadillac escalate? The movie star turned out 400 K in order to customize its interior to feel and look like a private jet.


His love for cars is second to none clearly, but Stallone also adores his motorcycles. Anyone remember that? Yellow Harley from Rocky three? Well, it turns out that the bike appropriately dubbed the Italian stallion, Rocky Balboa Harley Davidson motorcycle is for sale. It can reach upwards of $250,000 and you can bet your bottom dollar that one of them sits under slide’s roof with all these cars carrying exceptional value. You’d hope that Stallone’s got enough room in his house to keep all of them under cover and trust us with more than one sprawling mansion to his name. He definitely does in the nineties, most of the movie stars time was spent living in this neoclassical style Villa overlooking Biscayne Bay in Miami spread across 14 acres of land. There was more than enough room for SLI, his wife, Jennifer, and the rest of the family to kick back and relax.


Shall we take a look inside then unique sculpture art lines, the three-story house, particularly in the living room with the focal point, being this a Bowser painting of a sea maiden, the stair hall is beautiful in its own, right? But the Eve sculpture by Rodin, which stands in the center steals the attention. There is an entire gallery dominated with portraits of the actor by Andy Warhol, not to mention the stunning chandelier’s ears and Venetian spiral column archways as for the gardens. Well see for yourself with ponds, waterfalls, and fountains, it’s truly a sight to behold. So Vestor bought this pad in June of 1993 for $8 million. Eventually letting it go in 1999 for a hefty profit selling it for 16.2 hopping over to sunny, California Stallone added this three bedroom, three bathroom waterfront property on Lake Sherwood to his collection in 2008, reportedly spending about $4.85 million at the time while it was rather small, especially compared to his next purchase.


The gorgeous views of the Lake and mountains beyond were second to none. I’ll ask sly, put it back on the market just three years later at a $150,000 markup, but ended up selling it for a considerable loss around the same time. Stallone signed on the dotted line for this $4.5 million estate in LA Quinta. The high end golf course community is no stranger to celebrity residents names such as Kanye West and Kim Kardashians have also lived here. Shall we step inside the desert Oasis spans 5,173 square feet and features four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms as you roam around. You’ll also find a stunning two story living room, formal dining room, chef’s kitchen, dedicated wine cellar. And for all those A-listers parties, an outdoor kitchen and entertaining space after nearly a decade in his possession, the actor sold it in 2020, also at a loss undoubtedly, the most impressive house, uh, scratch that mansion in slide’s portfolio is this gem a 15,000 square foot, five bedroom, seven bathroom palace in the ritzy Beverly Park neighborhood of LA with heavy hitters, such as Denzel Washington and Mark Walberg as neighbors.


Donated millions to organizations


Clearly, this is a postcode reserved for the rich, considering that it’s worth nearly 10 million bucks, you’d expect nothing less among the long list of highlights. The cliff side pool offers remarkable views of the Los Angeles basin and the 3000 square foot guest house is bigger than most entire properties. It goes without saying that the Academy award nominee has no hesitation shelling out the big bucks for a nice house or two, but that doesn’t mean he’s only spending with himself in mind as someone with a rough upbringing, as someone who’s done the hard yards Stallone as well aware of the importance of giving back to the community and lending a helping hands to those in need. Over the decades. This actor auctioned off thousands of dollars worth of original Rocky props raised a total of a hundred thousand dollars for Canadian diabetes association and has donated what’s potentially climbed into the millions to organizations such as the pediatric epilepsy project and the action hero.

Isn’t all about giving away money in order to help maintain and grow his wealth. Stallone has branched out into business and investing case in point, creating an owning a clothing line, which was inspired by both Rambo and Rocky, check it out. Would you wear something like this back in 1991, he alongside of Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwartzenegger and Demi Moore helped to launch the restaurant chain planet Hollywood, perhaps most bizarrely. However, he also attempted to create, get this his very own pudding empire, his company, which was called Instone produced a pudding snack that advertised itself as low in carbs, high in protein and downright delicious. Unfortunately, a bitter legal dispute with a food scientist over the rights to the formula dragged on for years eventually forcing Instone to close its doors overshadowing. These unique ventures though is Stallone’s most successful investment practice producing films. His production company Balbo productions is responsible for money-making feature length films like Rambo, last blood and Samaritan among a bunch of additional projects.


Investing in donating are all well and good, but what’s the use of being stinking rich. If you can’t spoil yourself with a touch of luxury every now and then we know that the actor is an avid art collector, but what’s lesser known as the fact that he absolutely loves to spoil himself on over the top super expensive watches slides risk piece collection consists of a $20,000 yellow gold Rolex submariner with a black dial and an 18 carat white gold Rolex GMT master to Pepsi worth about $7,500 in its own. Right? The watch features a sparkling combination of diamonds, sapphires, and rubies to form that iconic Pepsi color scheme. Then there’s the $4,500 IWC pilot, the $10,000 Rolex seed Weller and plenty of Panorama pieces. The timeless actor. Also, isn’t afraid to fork out the big bucks on luxury travel as part of his pay for Rambo three Sylvester asked for a Gulf stream jet worth $12 million. And guess what? He got one, if he’s not flying in a private jet, he’s cruising around on exclusive yachts in places like the South of France on leisurely family holidays, jealous yet planes, watches, cars, and hours. That’s all cool, but nothing quite screams luxury like a life-size statue of yourself. Yup. Slides got one of them too. How would you spend 400 million bucks?

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