Artificial Intelligence The Future

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence ( AI, or AI for Artificial Intelligence in English) is intended to
introduce a range of techniques that allow machines to imitate a type of real intelligence.
In an increasing number of fields of operation, AI is being introduced.
Thanks to the mathematician Alan Turing, the concept was born in the 1950s.
The latter raises the issue of providing machines with a type of intelligence in his book,
Computing Machinery and Intelligence.

The latter poses the issue of providing a type of intelligence for machines.
He then explains a test now referred to as the “Turing Test” in which a
subject blindly communicates with another human being, then with a computer programmed to formulate sensible responses. If the subject can not tell the difference, then the computer has
passed the test and can genuinely be considered “intelligent” according to the author.
All the major companies in the IT world are now working on the issues of artificial intelligence,
from Google to Microsoft through Apple, IBM or Facebook, trying to apply
it to a few specific fields. Each has thus set up artificial neural networks made up of servers and made it possible to process heavy calculations in gigantic databases.
White humanoid hand on blurred background using digital artificial intelligence icon hologram 3D rendering
Artificial vision, for example , enables the computer to accurately assess the content of
an image and then identify it automatically according to the object, color or spotted face.
As they conduct computation, the algorithms will optimize their calculations.
This is how, as the user detects an unwanted message or, on the other hand, deals with false positives, anti spam filters become more and more effective.
With virtual assistants able to transcribe the words formulated in natural language and then process the requests or respond directly to via speech synthesis, either with instant translation or by making a request relevant to the order, the voice recognition has the wind in its sails.
Artificial intelligence, infinite potential Artificial intelligence, as this work progresses, goes from a
basic generic sculpin to an automated fund management device in finance, medical diagnostic help,In the area of bank loans, risk evaluation.
In the military sector, or insurance firms or even a decision-making ally.
Advances in artificial intelligence take advantage of many fields such as data science,
some advanced training is accessible and makes it possible to move into this area.
Although the artificial intelligence market was worth 200 million dollars in 2015, it
is estimated that it would be worth almost 90 billion dollars by 2025.

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