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Inner Thigh Fat Workout

3 Tips and 7 Exercises To Lose Weight Thighs

Inner Thigh Fat Workout

Losing weight in the thighs is possible in the long term. The 3 tips to achieve this are an adapted diet , sports exercises based on running and weight training for the legs of the explosive type without load or with a gym ball or an elastic fitness band .

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Losing thighs as quickly as possible is a typical feminine desire because, in women, the thighs are the first part of the body to be attacked by fat in the form of saddlebags. Rather, men want to know how to lose stomach fat because it is not on the thighs but on the stomach and hips that they see the fat accumulating first.

Ineffective methods to lose weight thighs sustainably


There is a huge stake in this desire to refine the thighs because having thin and firm thighs is aesthetic but also health. It is a pity that the solutions most often proposed for slimming thighs hide a mercantile desire for profit by the sale of so-called miracle products, slimming ointment or sweat belt , which are in fact useless or, at best, ephemeral and very inefficient.

Likewise, the method of consuming a lot of high protein foods is doomed to failure. Protein foods have a satiating effect, but this is not enough in the long run. You should not increase protein to lose weight thighs . Liposuction is a quick but temporary solution because it removes the fat under the skin but does not guarantee that this fat does not return, on the thighs and elsewhere. But then what to do to stop having big thighs?

Fast food without sugar and without processed products


Fat on the thighs is difficult to lose in girls. We must aim for the long term, at least a year, to hope to change the physiognomy of course with an adapted diet reduced in saturated fatty acids, for example by avoiding palm oil and coconut oil. You should also avoid fast sugars, pastries, ice cream, cold meats and, in general, all processed products too rich in salts that can be found in supermarkets. The ideal is to take the time to cook your own meals by following the principles of the Mediterranean model .

A food supplement, guarana , also allows, associated with moderate physical exercises, to activate the combustion of lipids and therefore fats stored in the form of triglycerides . It is the plant in the world richest in slow release caffeine. Taken with care it will help in losing weight by chasing away fat. For more details on the diet to lose weight, consult the Lose fat page .

How long to lose weight thighs ?


You cannot lose weight quickly in a localized way, even while playing sports. In the long term, about a month, we can lose 3 pounds but on the whole body. Fat always disappears in the reverse order in which it appeared. We grow first from the bottom (thighs, hips, stomach) then from the top (arms, bust) then from the face (neck, face).

So we will lose weight first of the face then at the level of the arms and after only at the level of the lower limbs. Slimming thighs is achieved over a minimum of one year. Sorry for people in a hurry or those tempted by the more enticing diets of shopping sites.

The 7 best Inner Thigh Fat Workout exercises to lose weight thighs


To properly lose fat in your thighs without gaining muscle volume, you must do the following 7 exercises.

  1. Jump rope
  2. Take leaping strides
  3. Regularly practice jumping jacks
  4. Using a gym ball to do squats
  5. Perform your front lunges with an elastic band
  6. Extend the legs while lying down with an elastic band
  7. Follow a program alternating rope and overhead-squat

The jump rope , the Body Pump or the cross fit , dynamic fitness practices, are very effective but coupled with running for endurance.

Inner Thigh Fat Workout

The bounding strides for glutes and jumping jacks to the groin as possible to gain tone for firm thighs muscular and not too thin between the thigh.

The legs are muscular but thin because the muscles active during these jumps have a short contraction time which does not make them fat.

Inner Thigh Fat Workout

The Jumping jack refines and tones the muscles of the thighs, the adductors 

You shouldn’t be afraid to build your thighs, on the contrary! Muscles increase the basal metabolism and burn fat faster at rest; you just have to do explosive or non-load type weight training to avoid gaining volume

Exercises with a gym ball  (Inner Thigh Fat Workout)


To tone the thighs with a gym ball, still without gaining volume, you have to perform long series, 30 seconds, performing 20 to 30 repetitions depending on the exercise, at a moderate pace.


Exercises with fitness elastic or elastiband


The strength exercises with Elastiband tone without taking volume because they work explosiveness and muscle tone.

Rope jump and squat


lose weight


Squat-type non-load-bending leg exercises are effective because they develop muscle endurance and tone, always without gaining volume . To lose weight in the thighs but also in the buttocks, you can follow a program combining skipping rope and the overhead squat The overhead squat is a variant of the squat, arms stretched above the head and holding a bar or a stick.

The case of former sportswomen


Former athletes are fortunate to still be in good physical shape and can run for 30 minutes without being out of breath. They are not obese but simply suffer from a slight overweight that an adapted training in running will allow them to eliminate.

Running rather than cycling or rollerblading to lose weight


To lose weight in the thighs, they must run 3 times a week. For physical condition, running is preferable to swimming, cycling or rollerblading which give too much muscle volume to the thighs by straining the muscles of the buttocks and the quadriceps. Running with a heart rate monitor is good to keep your heart rate between 60% and 80% of your maximum heart rate.

Do not forget to stretch but in the form of relaxation and rather warm, at home and not necessarily just before or after training. As the pleasure of running inevitably replaces the desire to lose weight in the thighs, the 3 basic endurance running sessions, between 60 and 80% of the maximum heart rate, are gradually increased.

Evolution of the running program For Inner Thigh Fat Workout


A classic progression, the transition from utility run to fun run, often takes the form of the following weekly training program with 3 sessions:

Fundamental endurance

One hour in fundamental endurance, 60 – 80% maximum heart rate, with in the middle 3 sets of 15 bouncy strides.

Soft resistance

20 minutes fundamental endurance, 20 minutes gentle resistance, 80 – 90% HRM , 20 minutes fundamental endurance.

Hard resistance

20 minutes fundamental endurance, 3 X 3 minutes hard resistance, 90 – 95% HRM , and 3 minutes recovery between sets, 20 minutes fundamental endurance.

The sessions are always spaced out by a day of rest. If the running sessions seem too easy, it is necessary to increase the duration in fundamental endurance but not the other types of effort.

Practical sports advice for slimming thighs

If you have chosen running to reduce the volume of your legs the articles below will be useful to you.

  1. Running with a heart rate monitor
  2. Heart training zones
  3. Plan for beginners in running
  4. Muscles and calories burned

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