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Pierce Brosnan Wife Weight Loss

Pierce Brosnan Defends His Wife After Weight Criticism: 'I Love Her Curves'

Pierce Brosnan Wife Weight Loss

In the “James Bond” tale, Pierce Brosnan, the iconic actor, does not permit anyone to vent their frustrations on his wife. The Irish actor had the unfortunate surprise of finding critical comments under his article after posting images of himself and his wife on his social media accounts. His wife’s body has drawn criticism from a number of online users, with some even urging that she have cosmetic surgery to lose weight.

The renowned actor was particularly angered by certain critics. In response to the offensive remarks, the 69-year-old celebrity stated, “I love every curve of her body.” Then he proclaimed his wife to be “the most beautiful woman in the world, especially since she gave birth to our five children.” “In the past, I loved her for her personality, not just her looks,” the actor continued. She is now even more special to me because she is the mother of my kids. She makes me very proud, and I work hard to earn her love.

Pierce and Keely have been married since 2001 after meeting in the 1990s. Paris, Charlotte, Dylan, Christopher, and Sean are the five children they have together.

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